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Unbelievable three (3) day adventure to Rome and the countryside.

17th October, 2017

My friend MARY Ann and I decided to visit the Mediterranean starting in Rome and ending in Lisbon. This was a 19 day adventure. Our time in Rome coordinated by Caron and her guides was the highlight of our trip. Since we had been to Rome before, we decided to book private tours to make sure we saw and visited sights we had never seen before. Boy did Caron and her guides follow through on that request! For three mornings she picked us up taking us from the Vatican (with Roberta) to the Roman baths, to Julius Caesar's palace, to vistas of Rome, to Trastevere, to Tivoli Gardens, to the Italian country and its beautiful villas, to quaint restaurants with unbelievable Italian cuisines and wines. We hated to part from the warm, personal tour and all the friends we made when she left us off on the third day at the cruise ship port in Civitavecchia. Thank you we will never forget you and will always use your agency when travelling abroad. Personal tours are the only way to travel.

Janis | Hammond, Louisiana United States

The Best Trip Ever!

12th October, 2017

Back home now, I feel like I am CMC's new marketing manager! I can't talk enough about Caron, Mauro, and CMC World Travel! I continue to relishing in the memories of a more than totally amazing 2 week vacation in Italy, Sept 2017. Caron planned EVERYTHING and it was a trip of a life time. The accommodations and sites we visited were wonderful. Ever aspect of our vacation was above and beyond our expectation. Mauro drove 8 of us from east to west. We covered so much in 2 weeks! Orvieto and Civita di Bagnoregio, were the best for me! Everyone was so very pleased with this trip. Rome, Tuscany, Sorrento all fantastic!

Mauro was wonderful, picking us up everyday, translating, taking pictures, providing so much history all along the way. The sites we saw were spectacular, the food was outstanding, the plans and schedule Caron put together for us, provided everything you would want in a trip - even relaxation!! We saw so much, and had so much fun. Each day Caron planned was packed full of unbelievable sites, time for great wine and food, history and so much more. We started everyday excited and finished it in amazement! Mauro was so flexible and accommodating to all of us. We never felt rushed or hurried with all we did. All the tour guides, Pamela, Antonella, Marco, Naelo, were super friendly, helpful, and full of knowledge. I highly recommend CMC World Travel and can't wait to plan our next visit!

Pam | Lemont US

Caron and Mauro are the best!!

9th October, 2017

I cannot gush enough about how wonderful Caron is or how much she meant to our family on our trip. Not only was she an amazing, knowledgeable tour guide, but our two small children just fell in love with her! Caron knows all the cool, hidden little shops, restaurants and sites. She is patient, accommodating and just all around a great person and your guide. We miss her already!

shari | usa

Amazing Experiences in Italy - Thank you CMC

4th September, 2017

Caron and her team provided us one of the most amazing experiences on our recent trip to Italy. Caron is a rockstar and her team of people are friendly, knowledgable, accommodating and their attention detail is second to none. From the moment we got picked up at the airport in Rome to the minute we were dropped off 13 days later, the service was impeccable. We really could not have been happier with everything the vacation entailed.

Dan Griffis | California USA

LA DOLCE VITA WITH CMC WORLD TRAVEL - Awesome Experience and The Only Way to See Italy. Well done to Caron & Mauro!

14th July, 2017

We made another trip to Italy again this year. Caron was great at tailoring all our requests & bookings for our tours and reserved our time there with our new friend & best guide in Rome - Mauro...

As always he arrived promptly daily full of good cheer and smiles for a new day's adventure. He is one of a kind and takes such good care of you prioritising your enjoyment of all. He is kind, attentive, informative, friendly, helpful with luggage, takes your photos, is patient and such a good, careful driver all whilst sharing his love for his beautiful Italy. He has a very caring personality and always ensured we were comfortable and guided us through any necessary processes or translations, made lunch or dinner reservations & is very perceptive to your preferences. He is always excellent with our 17 year old son.

We had a wonderful time road tripping through the country - from Rome to Florence where we were based for our day trips to the Cinque Terre, Milan via Maranello and the Ferrari Museum and a day in Florence visiting the market, Accademia Gallery & were fortunate to see the festivities of the San Giovanni celebrations in Florence, back to Rome for a night and then onto new horizons...the Apulia region on the stunning Adriatic Sea for two nights. This is a must see!

We saw and did so much in the country this time and honestly would not of been able to see all we did in 7 days if it was not for Mauro - he is an absolute gem as is his lovely wife Caron.

We cannot wait to visit again.
Highly recommended!

Jenny | Durban South Africa

Rome tour with Brunella

30th May, 2017

We had a fantastic day tour with Brunella in Rome. She is extremely knowledgeable of all the sites. We thoroughly enjoyed the tour of the Coliseum and the Roman Forum. She then drove us to the Piazza Del Popolo where we walked to the Spanish steps and the Fountain of Trevi. We also had enough time for a wonderful Roman lunch. Brava Brunella!! I highly recommend her. You won't be disappointed.

Anna | Boca Raton USA

Thanks Caron and Mauro! You made our long awaited trip to Italy the best adventure Ever!!!

30th April, 2017

What an awesome adventure this trip has been. From start to finish.. Caron was so helpful and communicative in planning every detail for us. Arranging wonderful accommodations and awesome guides! Being unfamiliar with the area (Tuscany and Sicily), Caron planned and facilitated exactly what we invisioned! And , Mauro!!! What an awesome guide! Can't say enough about him! He took such good care of us two "older" ladies and treated us with such kindness and respect. We felt very safe in his care. Excellent driver, too! Not to mention the fun and laughter we all shared together! Caron and Mauro's hospitality was the best. My friend and I felt truly Blessed to not only have their professional guidance but to make new friends with them along the journey. Thank you, thank you Caron and Mauro!!

Judy Seidl | Orlando USA


17th April, 2017

We discovered Caron two years ago when my corporate travel agent suggested we use CMC for our trip to Venezia & Roma. Fast forward to or trip last December / January we knew that we should contact Caron to assist again to our trip to Italia. We used CMC for all transportation and tours. I could go on and on telling you how great the day trips to Firenze, Orvieto and Civita di Bagnoregio were but that's not the value of CMC. The value lies in the people Mauro or Mr. Sette and Ms. Caron as my daughter called them. They don't just point out antiquity they become part of the family and make your trip feel like home. They get you where you want to be and you will not waste time in lines but instead experience an intimate look into la dolce vita!
CMC was even there to helps us when the hotel we booked on our own lost our reservation. The hotel informed me that they did not have any rooms and my reservation was invalid. This was a shock for me because I travel quite a bit for work and probably stay in 40 hotels a year. I had to scramble and attempt to get 2 rooms for my family. Hotels in Europe don't always operate in as corporate a structure as we are used to in the US. I called a few hotels I have stayed at before in Roma and nobody could accommodate us. However, I also contacted Caron which is what I should have done in the first place; that was the best call I could have made. She found a hotel for us and we were relieved. She had worked through the night and found us a hotel that was in a great area and less expensive than our first options. (Albergo Ottocento) If we didn't have them as our advocate who know what would have happened. Grazie!!!!!!!!!!!! CMC is a definite must use every time you travel abroad.

Tobias | Chicago USA

An excellent time was had by my group of 18 friends thanks to Caron and Mauro. I was referred to CMC World Travel by a friend who had used them in the past and it was the best recommendation ever!

21st January, 2017

My group of 18 friends traveled via cruise ship in September to Barcelona, Mallorca, Marseilles, Florence, Rome and Naples. We love to cruise but are not fans of cruise tours due to the large group normally on each tour and never knowing who we will be with and weather or not the others have the same interest in itinerary as us. Plus they are not flexible!

We first contacted Caron about 6 months before our trip. She responded quickly and came up with a suggested itinerary with options for each day. We were able to choose between the options she suggested and make changes as we wished for each tour. Also, our group did not need to choose the same thing and often split into 2 different groups, based on our interests. She made it so easy! For each city, we were met by guides picked by Caron or personally by Mauro, the Partner of Caron. We were well taken care of by every guide we had with comfortable transportation, safe driving and knowledgeable guides.

I can't say enough great things about Caron and Mauro!

Carol | Cincinnati United States

Exceptional Tours of Italy - Highly Recommended!

16th October, 2016

We have previously visited Italy on two occasions & always look to book one or two tours to maximize our short visits. I was looking for something a little different this time & stumbled upon Mauro's expert reviews. From the onset of our email correspondence with various requests, suggestions & changes to our itinerary over months of planning, the communication oozed professionalism, friendliness & the promise of an exciting trip with the finalisation of a tailored combination tour for the three of us.
Mauro arrived punctually at our hotel as arranged the evening of our arrival for some exploring & fun in The Eternal City. He was so welcoming which instantly made us feel that we had met our friend in Rome as we wandered the cobblestones together. He really was a breath of fresh air after many hours of flying...Our adventure continued to include a full day exploring Rome discovering different traditions whilst visiting key places of interest in & around the centre & the various neighbourhoods. His natural ability to communicate & accommodate personal interests & share his knowledge with passion & humour across the age groups to include our 17 year old son was truly amazing. Mauro then transferred us safely to Florence for 2 days, where we all had an awesome time together dining & shopping at the local market, learning about the places of interest, listening to buskers, eating gelato & Ferrari test driving. We also did a day trip to stunning Portofino. He is great with dinner reservations & wine pairing from each region, sorting out baggage storage at the hotel + getting the best prices for you when shopping at the local markets or artisan shops. Mauro is such a gem who directs you with great ease through each element of your journey in a relaxed & attentive manner whilst informing the best position for photos where he has mastered the art of self-photos. Throughout our days, Mauro always presented on time with a big smile ready for a new day/night's adventure. He is patient, polite, interesting, friendly, thoughtful, attentive, energetic, & ensured that we had the best of Italy!!
Then we met the lovely Caron who we also instantly fell in love with. She guided us to a wonderful Tuscan Wine Tasting experience in the San Gimignano area with a visit to the medieval village thereafter en-route a safe transfer back to Rome. Caron has great expertise in the travel/tourism industry, a zest for life, has mastered the lingo & has the most awesome sense of humour which had us in stitches all the way back “home”. She really has a vibrant, warm & caring personality and focused on our well being & enjoyment throughout our time together & really went the extra mile with looking after us during & after the completion of our booked tours with CMC to include courier arrangement of our charges left behind in Florence, a sophisticated dinner at Ciampini in the glass room with VIP seating arrangement for a stunning meal & a fantastic night view of St Peter’s Bascilica lit up in the distance. Our time together concluded with Caron sorting out a visit to Villa d’Esta with another great guide Bru after check out on our last day in Rome to fill in some hours whilst we waited for our airport transfer.
How grateful & blessed we are to have met Mauro & Caron, who both have excellent people skills, pay great attention to detail, are so kind & considerate, have a wealth of knowledge and mostly have big, warm welcoming hearts - they really are great ambassadors for Italy!! We LOVED all our special time together which has truly left a lasting impression and a thirst for more...My only regret is that our time together was too short & we cannot wait to visit again soon to spend some more quality time exploring with our new friends.
Lots of love Clive, Jenny & Kai

Jenny | Malvern Durban South Africa