Vienna Mozart Concert at the Golden Hall

Vienna MOZART Concerts "The Best of Mozart" and "The Highlights of Johann Strauss" by Vienna Mozart Orchestra in period costumes at Vienna's musical landmarks the Golden Hall of Musikverein, the Vienna State Opera or the Konzerthaus.

The Vienna Mozart Orchestra was founded in 1986. Most of the members of the Vienna Mozart Orchestra are frequent participants at the concerts of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and Vienna Symphonic Orchestra as well as of other prestigious Austrian ensembles. Beside its worldwide touring history, the Vienna Mozart Orchestra is very well known because of the Vienna MOZART Concerts in period costumes, which have being an enrichment of Vienna’s music life since 1986.
The Vienna MOZART Concerts take place every year from May to October each Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 8:15 pm at the Golden Hall of the Musikverein, at the Vienna State Operta or at the Konzerthaus. 30 excellent musicians, internationally renowned soloists, two opera singers from the Vienna State Opera and Vienna’s Volksoper directed by star conductors – all of them in magnificent costumes of the baroque - present a well balanced concert program in style of the musical academies from the late 18th century.
“The Best of Mozart” and “The Highlights of Strauss” performed at the musical landmarks of Vienna, the Golden Hall of the Musikverein, the Vienna State Opera, or the Konzerthaus have awaken and fostered the interest of a large international public to the classic.
The “mise en scene” in period costumes and the use of wooden music stands that fashion concert atmosphere at Mozart’s time, the incomparable acoustics of the Viennese concert halls and the impressive architecture of the venues (Golden Hall of Musikverein, Vienna State Opera, Konzerthaus), confer to the Vienna MOZART Concert in period costumes their genuine character.

A Vienna MOZART Concerts at one of the musical landmark of Vienna (the Golden Hall of Musikverein, venue of the New Year’s Concert), the Vienna State Opera or the Konzerthaus) is the ultimate experience for everyone staying for long or for short in Vienna, the world capital of classic music.