ULCINJ The longest beach, the oldest olive and Servantes!

Along the way to the south-eastern Montenegrin coast you will experience the typical atmosphere of the Orient. Countless Mosques, long sandy beaches, the Old City built on rocks above the sea plus the exceptional hospitality of the locals will combine to enthral you with such unique charm. During your visit to Ulcinj, famous city of pirates in which Servantes was kept as prisoner, you'll see the N Kru Pazarit Mosque (Mola Rifatit)* and the longest sandy beach on the Adriatic - The Big Beach. The visit to the Old City is an individual choice, because of the steep ground.

Half-way to Ulcinj, in the foothills of the Rumija mountain, you will visit the Old City of Bar, built on a steep crest which is inaccessible from three sides. The genesis of this town goes back to the time when Slav's arrived in the Balkans.

Besides the tour of the Old City of Bar you will also see the oldest olive tree in Montenegro, planted more than two thousand years ago.