St. Peters' Basilica

The wonderful archeological work prestigiously named St. Peters’ Basilica was undertaken on the request of Pope Pius XI who wished to be buried as close as possible to St. Peter the Apostle. St. Peter is said to be buried there due to its proximity to the Circus of Nero where he was martyred. It is also home to the Tomb of Julii built in 3rd-4th century.

More of the necropolis was uncovered in 2003 during the construction of a parking lot. Some tombs have undergone restorations, such as the ten-month project involving the Valerii Mausoleum. Tours of the ruins can be arranged in advance by specifying the desired date and indicating the language in which the tour is to be conducted. Lasting about an hour and a half, the tour ends at Saint Peter's tomb before returning to the basilica. Due to the administrative procedures, only small groups (10-15 persons) are allowed to enter at a time.