Sailing - Day Excursion

Whether you are vacationing on the island or just want to spend a day away from the city sailing with our skipper, this is an ideal summer activity for you. On our Topper Omegas you will experience the best Croatia has to offer - amazing clear sea!


Sailing in clear seas with our experienced skipper

Topper Omega is simply the best choice for great summer fun and a true sailing experience

Spend a day aboard Topper Omega learning and enjoying yourself. If you have never sailed before, this is the best way to start and if you are an experienced sailor wanting some fun during your vacation, our Omegas are the right choice for you!

On Lučica beach, located in the very center of Sutivan you will be introduced to the boat, safety equipment and the basics of sailing. Our guide will set off with you and help you enjoy relaxing sailing in the Sutivan area. Our Topper Omega is a fun, fast and easily maneuverable boat and ideal for Summer fun and for those who wish to experience the thrill of sailing. You will be sailing in the Sutivan area and enjoying breathtaking views of the village, olive groves on the shore and white pebble beaches.

Duration: 1 hr sailing, longer tours on request.