Sahara Desert Tours

You will stay overnight in Ouarzazate, before journeying into the Draa Valley, Zagora and Erfoud. Once you hit Merzouga after a couple of days into your Morocco customized tour, you will be able to begin on your journey to discover the Morocco desert known as the Sahara. You will ride by camel, as part of the cameltrekking tour part of the Morocco Desert Adventure tour from the company known for Morocco trekking tours; Travel Blank Morocco.

You will have dinner in the desert, before retiring for the night. The true pleasure of this customized Morocco tour is the sunrise you will see come over the Sahara Desert the next day. From there, you journey to Marrakech and on your way home to tell everyone about the amazing nine-day Morocco trekking tour you just took with us, an excellent Morocco travel and tours provider.

Exploring the Berber Culture, with walks through fields, valleys and mountains. Staying in a lodge or camp. 2-5 hours walking a day Level easy - moderate
Cultural Tour through narrow valleys and stony villages, staying in a camp, with 2-5 hours walking.Level easy-moderate or high.
For the more adventurous traveller, experience the kasbahs, beauty of the Atlas Mountains together with the splendour and peace of the dunes, oases, of south east Morocco, before returning for a stay in Marrakech with its historic sites, bustling medina, overflowing souks, street entertainers and food sellers. This suggested itinerary can be undertaken September to May in a recommended minimum stay of 10 nights.