Rome: Trastevere & the Jewish Ghetto

Discover the real Rome on this great sightseeing tour. After you have seen the Colosseum and the Vatican, take a break from the crowds, escape the traffic and explore the backstreets of the historic centre that most tourists don't know exists. Enjoy a leisurely stroll through the Jewish Ghetto where Roman Jews have been living in this neighborhood for 22 centuries, giving birth to the only Jewish community to be present remaining in the same location since before the Diaspora.

We will take you to see the Jewish Museum, The magnificent Synagogue, and the Ghetto. We'll stop at the Kosher Bakery to taste the famous Pizza Giudia, where we will also have a chance to meet other Jews, who consider the Ghetto as a meeting point and then continue onto the Trastevere area. Beginning from Largo Argentina and the Senate House where legend has it that Julius Caesar was murdered, finishing at Campo de' Fiori,(a market in one of the most beautiful squares of Rome)once the site of executions during the Inquisition, one of today's most lively piazzas. Then onto palazzo Spada to see the illusive prospective by Borromini. Next we'll proceed to Piazza Navona, the elliptical square, a jewel of Baroque art, with the Fountain of the Four Rivers by Bernini, onward to the Pantheon entering to view the masterpieces of Caravaggio inside the church of Sain Luigi de Francesi, the amazing Frescos of Saint Ignazio (with the flat dome, another illusion). On this tour you will have the opportunity to see the hidden ancient city underground, and as Rome was not built in a day, the layers of each time period in between, from Medieval to Renaissance to Baroque. Please Note: We can only view the Synagogue from outside.