Rome: The Eternal City


Glimpse the gone but not forgotten glorious landmarks of ancient Rome. Embark on this full-day excursion in an air-conditioned vehicle. After disembarking the ship, you will proceed along the highway for approximately one and a half hours to Rome and the Vatican City.


Driving into the historical center of Rome, you will pass by and admire the Pyramid of Caius Cestius, the ruins of Caracalla Baths, the Capitol and Piazza Venezia, the city's center square. The Colosseum dates back to 80 AD and is perhaps the greatest and most famous of the city's monuments.

In the past centuries, about 50,000 spectators sat here spellbound as gladiators locked in fights and wild beasts were slayed. The horror and fascination of it all springs to life as you explore these ancient ruins. You will pause at a vantage point overlooking the Forum where numerous foundations, columns and arches have survived the religious, civil and commercial hub of imperial Rome.

Continuing on your tour by tossing a coin in the Trevi Fountain famous in the movie "A Roman Holiday". Then driving by the Spanish Steps, Pantheon and Piazza Navona exquisitely designed by Bernini.

Next you will explore the Vatican where religious and artistic highlights abound. You will wander through and gaze in awe at the symmetry of Saint Peter's Square and the enormity of St. Peter's cathedral, the worlds largest church. Then time permitting, enter the Sistine Chapel and marvel at Michelangelos awe-inspiring painted ceiling.

In the late afternoon you will enjoy a scenic drive back to the pier.