Moena - Sas da Mesodì

Take the cabin-lift Alpe Lujia (Lusia) from I Ronc (Ronchi) near Moena to the intermediate station at 1.820 m, - refreshment at the restaurant Valbona. Then follow the dirt road marked no. 622 which passes the Malga Poza (place of refreshment). After this you keep going in a south-westerly direction. There is a bend to the right and then one to the left, after which you reach the east slope of the Col de Poza. Next the track meets up with the path coming down from the top station of the cable-car (path no. 614). After this the path heads due west to the pass known as Sforcela Pozil at 2.147 m (1 hour). To carry on to the top of the Sas da Mesodì, you need to go downhill slightly, then go to the right along a path which climbs up through the grassy slopes to the crest which joins Col da Poza to Sas da Mesodì. The actual peak is at 2.300 m and can be reached by following the path (1 hour; 2 hrs). For the best views of Moena and the lower Fassa Valley you should go down to the bottom ridge. To get back to the cabin-lift you can take the Troi di Soldai (Soldier’s Path) which descends steeply eastwards (1 hour; 3 hrs