Marrakesh from Casablanca (ship Cruises)

Marrakech, the most sought-after destination in North Africa, is just a 2 hour drive from Casablanca. This colourful and vibrant city, often described as ‘an assault on the senses’ is ideal for short weekends or longer trips that include Fes or the Sahara.
Our services start as to get you out of the ship cruise by one of our drivers, take you in an air-conditionned car (depending on the number of passengers) to Marrakech via the motorway. Upon arrival in the red city of Marrakesh, our local guide (Official City Guide) will great and meet you at the famous Koutoubia mosque where the tour begins, he will show you around Marrakech. Take a walking tour to orientate yourselves around the souks, historical sites and the Djemaa el Fna:

Djemaa El Fna, one of the greatest squares in Africa and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Wander amongst the tooth-pullers, snake charmers, water-sellers, storytellers and scribes during the afternoon; at night the square transforms to a festival atmosphere when a myriad of food stalls are wheeled in from the alleyways; their tables and benches illuminated by lamplight and wreathed in the smoke of one hundred Berber Barbeques
Colourful Labyrinthine Souks e.g. the metal souk where proud artisans craft objects as their forefathers did centuries before them; the dyers souk where colourful skeins of wool hang drying in the sunlight; the carpet souk where hand-crafted Moroccan rugs hang like exquisite paintings; the jewellery souk where windows glitter with gold
Gardens and Palaces (Majorelle, Badi Palace, Bahia Palace), the museums, the landmark Koutoubia Mosque, the 15th-century Saadian Tombs (the resting place of Marrakech’s most illustrious dynasty) and the Medersa Ben Youssef.

Once your tour is completed, your driver will take you back to join your ship back in Casablanca. Please allow at least 2 hours by the motorway.

Your guide and driver will be at disposal all day, you can do as much sightseeing as you can. Please ask your guide of where to eat when you feel so. ( lunch not included)