La Rezila refuge - Malga Colvere - Fanch (Fango)

Follow the directions in the previous walk as far as the La Rezila refuge (1,760 m; 20 mins). You then need to walk uphill behind the building following the fence. You will reach a new construction and a fork. Path no. 623, to the right, leads to Pas de Lujia, while path no. 625 crosses the stream which comes down from the pass. You will come to the Malga Colvere. Keep going along the peaceful forest road, without taking the fork for Cajerin and Gronton (path no. 634; 1 hour and 2 hrs respectively). Slightly further on, however, you should turn off the road to the right and cross the valley bottom and go up the opposite side. Zigzag through the rocks going downhill to the right. There is a steep stretch where the path becomes very narrow at the feet of the Ciadinon. Next you will come to a cross-ways. To the right the path goes up to the Gronton and the Sforcela de Lujia, and to the left the path goes steeply down to the San Pellegrino valley. Keep going straight on and cross the Ciadinon stream. After this the going is slightly in descent through huge firs and small clearings. There are a few stone steps, then go slightly uphill to the right, after which you will come to an area of recently felled trees. Cross the clearing and walk gradually through the steep forest of larch, fir and mountain ash, and gullies, which are almost vertical. Shortly after this the forest becomes very dense. The path winds down through WW1 trenches and fortifications, and after a clearing you will come out onto the forest road coming from I Ronc. Cut through the picnic area to reach the main road on the other side of the stream (1 hour 40; 2 hrs).