Etruscan Countryside and Villa Lante-Rome

This tour is designed to help you explore some of the finest and breathtaking Italian countryside located in the Northern region of Rome. The fun and adventure of this tour starts while travelling towards Tuscania and Bagnaia. The heart touching views of Lake Bolsena offer an ideal environment for leisure and relaxation near the crystal clear blue water of the lake. During the tour you will have the opportunity to stop-over at Tuscania standing at the top of a rocky hill and having an over view of the Maremma region. This tour also includes a visit to Villa Lante Gardens, located in the town of Bagnaia surrounded with Renaissance gardens of Villa Lante. Fountains, pavilions and a box-tree maze altogether create an ideal environment for leisure and relaxation. Walk through these inspirational and often whimsical gardens, taking time to enjoy the serenity and beauty of the setting.