Col de Sèn Pelegrin (San Pellegrino pass) - Col Margherita - L Sforcelin (Forcella Vallazza) - Gereburt (Iuribrutto) - Col de Sèn Pelegrin (San Pellegrino pass)

The pass can be reached by car. Park near the little church. Walk to the Col Margherita cable-car station which lies to the east. Take the cable-car to Col de Margarita (2.550 m). Now follow the crest of the mountain walking west. The valley is below you to your right and to the left is a rocky terrain known as the Lastei di Pradazzo which descends gently to the Valles pass. The stone itself, of igneous origin, is called porphyry, and is used as paving material. The ridge walk offers marvellous views in clear weather but it can be tricky to find your way with bad weather. When you are level with the Rio di Pradazzo the path crosses "l Sforcelin" - the Vallazza pass (2.521 m). Go straight for a short stretch then climb up to the top of Ponta del Gereburt (Iuribrutto peak) (2 hrs). This area was part of the Italian front in WW1, and remains of the conflict are still visible, particularly trenches. From this vantage point you will see the San Pellegrino pass below you, and the Cima Bocche mountain (2.745 m), an Austro-hungarian stronghold, to the west. Go down to the Gereburt pass, and then continue down on path no. 628, which returns to the San Pellegrino valley. You walk by the dark face of the Gereburt mountain, then back uphill to the Pas de l’ors (Bear pass) (2.267 m). From here you carry on down through rhododendrons and a few trees, with the crest you just walked along up on your right. On the left you will be able to see a splendid morain lake. You will reach the pass once more by way of a large pasture (1 hour; 3 hrs).