Canazei - Val de Mortic (or de Antermont valley) - Pian de Frataces - Pian de Schiavaneis

Find the church of Saint Florian and the square of the same name in the old centre of Canazei. Take Strèda dò ruf de Antermont, and go past the old sawmill. Then cross the Ruf de Antermont or Ruf de Cianacei by way of a bridge to the left. The path follows the stream. You will join the forest road Pian Pozates and after this the gradient lessens. There is a clearing with a view of the entire Sella mountain group: the Piz Ciavazes on the left, the Sas Pordoi on the right. You keep following the ski-run until you get to the edge of the forest where there is a bench and a cross. Next walk across the basin of Mortic where an old chapel (dedicated to Saint Mary Ausiliatrice) is the only remainder of one of the oldest settlements in the Fassa Valley. Now you cross a bridge, and following the ski-run again, go round to the left and keep going not far from the main road. The path then joins the main road at the eighth bend (1.640 m). Keep going uphill until you reach Pian de Frataces (1.710 m; 1 hour). Then carry on, and at the end of the straight section go up to the left where there is a picnic area. Go through the picnic area, and after a short, sharp climb you will get back to the road, and you will see a turning off to the left for Roa. At Roa there are the remains of a WW1 cable way which connected Canazei with the Gardena Valley via the Sella pass. Over the bridge are the wooden huts and barns of Roa. Keep going straight on along the left bank of the Ruf de Antermont, which here forms a fairly deep gully. There is a clearing and then you reach the main road and the refuges at Pian de Schiavaneis (1.850 m) (30 mins; 1 hour 30).