2-day Hike in Gadmental

2-day hike tour following a fantastic route from Meiringen to Gadmen. En route we visit the Stein or Wenden glacier. We overnight at the Alte Post, where we will also have dinner. The route has great views.


View of Stein or Wenden glacier

Education on the dangers of nature

Accommodation at Alte Post in Gadmen

Route with wonderful views

2-day guided hike tour in Haslital with its start and end at the village of Meiringen.

A special hike tour, which, besides the wounderful views, also shows various examples of the dangers of nature. Experience the Aare gorge at Innertkirchen and make a trip to the Stein or Wenden glacier. Be educated about the dangers of nature around Gadmen and how man tries to control and them. For a part we will use the bus.

After a fascinating day a nice dinner will be awaiting you at the Alte Post in Gadmen, where we will also have breakfast. We spend the night in basic group accomodation. The next day we bike back to Meiringen.