Val di Fassa

Lusia boardercross

On the south mountainside of the Alpe di Lusia (ski area Trevalli-Moena), towards Bellamonte, there’s a nice boardercross track, about 400 m long and 80 m wide, of medium difficulty

Col Rodella Snowpark - Campitello

The Col Rodella Snowpark is the ideal ground for those who take the first steps in the freestyle world. It lies between the Grohmann and Salei slopes, behind the Sassolungo Group

Easy Snowpark - San Pellegrino Pass

At the San Pellegrino Pass (ski area Trevalli-Moena), at 2.000 a.s.l., there’s the Easy Snowpark, one of the favourite spots by the Italian riders, who challenge each other on these jumps in breathtaking acrobatics.

Val di Fassa/Carezza and Trevalli

220 km of slopes for all tastes, 9 connected ski areas (on skis or by convenient ski bus services), 86 technologically advanced uphill installations plus the guarantee of an important system of programmed artificial snow, top class hotels and restaurants and an excellent range of après ski. The Val di Fassa in winter is a place for real connoisseurs. One skis in 3 areas: Val di Fassa/Carezza, Trevalli and Dolomiti Superski, the biggest carousel in Europe.

TreValli Tour

This tour includes the ski areas of Falcade, Moena-Alpe di Lusia, S. Pellegrino Pass and Castelir-Bellamonte. The points of access of this ski tour are several. From Falcade, by taking 4 fast new concept chair lifts it is possible to reach the Col Margherita (2.513 m), a natural terrace on the Dolomites with a view on the Marmolada Glacier, the Monzoni chain, Monte Pelmo, Civetta, the Vajolet Towers and Pale di S. Martino group.

First World War Skitour

Surrounded by breath-taking views and majestic peaks such as Civetta, Monte Pelmo, Tofane, Lagazuoi, Conturines, Settsass, Sassongher, the Sella group and the Marmolada Glacier one can visit the places of the First World War and ski around the mountain that became the symbol of the conflict: Col di Lana. It is a one day itinerary, suitable for the whole family. Superlative from a scenic point of view are the descents from Lagazuoi to Armentarola and from Punta Rocca to Malga Ciapela, living the experience of skiing on the Marmolada Glacier.

Sas Pordoi - Val Lastìes (Lasties valley) - Pian de Schiavaneis

Go up to Sas Pordoi (2.950 m) with the cable-car. Set off downhill towards the Forcella Pordoi refuge (2.829 m; 20 mins). Next take the path for Piz Boè (3.152 m) but don’t make the climb up to the summit. Keep going to the Boè refuge (2.871 m) (1 hour; 1 hour 20). Proceed on path no. 647 which is equipped with metal safety cords. You will cross the south face of the Antersas mountain and reach the pass of the same name (2.839 m) (or you can choose to climb up to the top the Antersas and to go down to the fork on an easy path). From here you begin the descent towards the Val Lastìes.

Ronc (Ronchi) - Fanch (Fango)

First you need to get to the parking space on the main road to the San Pellegrino pass which lies on the right, slightly further on than the Alpe Lujia (Lusia) cabin-lift, and just before the bend in the road and the bridge over the Ruf de Sèn Pelegrin. Leave the car here. Walk along the forest road which runs along the stream. The going is easy apart from three steep sections of 200/250 m apiece. You will come to a landslide which destroyed a large portion of the forest a few years ago. On the right is path no. 625 to the Malga Colvere.

Pian de Frataces - Conca di Val (Basin of Val) - Col Rodela

Leave the car at Pian de Frataces near the Lupo Bianco hotel. Go down towards the hollow which used to be an artificial lake. Cross the Ruf de Antermont and take path no. 655 which actually runs along the forest road Col de la Pica. Go up through the wooden huts and barns at Pradel and then cross the Ruf de Val. Keep going along the edge of the forest until you reach a cross and a bench at Costa Rossa. Turning right you go uphill through the trees and then you will come to a clearing called Pian de Marizanela.

Moena - Sas da Mesodì

Take the cabin-lift Alpe Lujia (Lusia) from I Ronc (Ronchi) near Moena to the intermediate station at 1.820 m, - refreshment at the restaurant Valbona. Then follow the dirt road marked no. 622 which passes the Malga Poza (place of refreshment). After this you keep going in a south-westerly direction. There is a bend to the right and then one to the left, after which you reach the east slope of the Col de Poza. Next the track meets up with the path coming down from the top station of the cable-car (path no. 614).

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