Walk in Florence

This is in fact the “Smartest Walking Tour” through Florence with the most economical price allowing travelers from all around the world to have a splendid tour of Florence.
Oogling masterpieces of art created by Michaelangelo, how did Leonardo revolutionize the town? and partaking in the astounding events of Florentines. This will indeed be one of the most mezmerizing tours of your life.

Cook in florence

We will organize professional cooking classes for you in how to prepare and cook a typical Tuscan meal right in the heart of Florence.

First, you will shop at the local outdoor markets, with the chef and gather the ingredients for your Tuscan lunch.

Second, you will meet all of the local butchers, bakers, and farmers that sell the fresh ingredients which will make your meal exceptionally delicious. You will also learn how to select the highest quality of ingredients to use in your meal, and sample the local foods and wines.

Segway tour in Florence

Our Segway tour in Florence offers you a great opportunity to enjoy the beautiful landscapes and artistic works of this astonishing city. Touring on the Segway will allow you to see the details and nooks of the city without tiring from walking. Here, you will visit the historical and pragmatic niches including, Strozzi palace which is one of the most prominent palaces of the Florentine Renaissance.

Florence on your own

In addition to the archeological and historical wonders of Florence, it is also well-known in the world for being the focal point for the great rulers, artists and writers throughout history. This is the place where artists created some of the most famous masterpieces in the world. This is the land where writers drafted intriguing literature that was inspired from the beauty of the natural landscapes.

Bike Tour in Florence

Our biking tour in Florence is an ideal and exclusive tour. Florence a flat and safe place to ride around.(The city center is 90% pedestrian), that’s why everyone loves to bike in Florence and this bike tour is the ideal way to see this city. The bike tour takes you to the quaint places where the buses can’t get to, such as in the pedestrian areas and characteristic alleyways.

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