Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tour & Wine Tasting

The mill of the 'Accademia Olearia and Vinicola Angarano' is within the captivating landscape of lavish green hills and breathtaking countryside views of Puglia.

Located within a traditional territory of Puglia called Trani, this 9th century city is famous for its impressive 11th century Romanesque Cathedral that was built on the seaside. It extends to the green hills where the famous Castel del Monte is located, in which you will find the city of oil and the amazing hunting residence of Emperor Frederick II of Swabia. This region has been made a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Roofs and History of Alberobello

This half day tour visits the fairy tale town of Alberobello which has become well known for its curious whitewashed, round structures with gray, stone, cone-shaped roofs. These houses are called Trulli and are common in the region of Apulia but Alberobello is unique because it is an entire city of them. The word Trulli comes from the Latin turris, which means dome.
After meeting your driver and licensed guide you travel along a scenic road through olive groves and along the sea in the traditional and timeless area of Southern Italy until you reach Alberobello.

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